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Nikarev Leshy (Sanghrajkara) is a Shuyngj Way* Odinist, Armanen Futharkh runosophist with a deep interest in esoteric occultism, and a proponent of darkside Left-Hand Path Odinism (travel notesblood); a vegan, environmentalist, animal rights activist, and National-Anarchist, he is also a hiking enthusiast and mountaineer.

Leshy has written for various publications under a number of pseudonyms, including 'Eastern Voice', 'From the Abyss', issue 1 (details) of Warha Europe, issue 2 and issue 4 of Warha Russia, Notes on Self-Knowledge. He has also contributed an updated version of his article, The Armanen Futharkh: A Controversial Rune Row?, to the 2017 publication, Odin's Lore: The Magick & Symbolism of the Runes (Black Front Press).

He has contributed lyrics to the song, 'The Fires of Dresden', and written the lyrics to the songs 'Across The Pagan Vastlands' (alternative link, 2011 and rerecorded 2015)'Slava Rodu', 'Native Faith', 'From Within', and 'The Armanen', amongst others. He is the author of 'Odinism: Our Native Faith' (first printed 2001, updated edition forthcoming), 'Book of Amber: The Purpose of Life' (forthcoming), 'The Runes' (forthcoming), and 'Shuyngj Way: The Road To Hel' (forthcoming). He has also translated and edited article and interviews for Dr. Pavel Tulaev (one is here), and Evgeny Nechkasov (interview, translations). He lives in Shropshire, England.

* The Shuyngj Way refers to the Left Hand Path within the Aryo-Germanic Native Faith of Odinism as formulated by Nikarev Leshy, and refers exclusively to the dark path (Helwegr (Road to Hel)) within the British tradition of this spirituality. This path is based upon the philosophy of V.L.S.L.V (Волхв Велеслав) and his Slavic 'Шуйном пути' (this term should remain in its original Russian to distinguish it from the English tradition) within the Russian tradition, and 'Svarte Askr' (Evgeny Nechkasov's LHP within the Nordic Tradition in Russia), which is also based upon Volhv Veleslav's philosophy.

"You are the most spiritually dangerous and ideologically
subversive individual in Shropshire."
- Shropshire journalist, June 8th, 2014