Saturday, 8 September 2018

Conquer Your Inner Bitch Before It Conquers You!

"Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is, and you must bend to its power or live a lie." - Miyamoto Musashi

Lay waste to your fear of failure and crush your weaknesses, and do it now! Their will be a time that you will not be able to achieve what you want - mentally, physically or spiritually. Death is real and in death only our deeds speak for us.

Do you want your memory to be that of a wasted life; a spiritually and physically empty and broken vessel on the vast sea of enlightenment, mastery, strength, courage, honour, discipline and knowledge? But regardless of time and death, do you want your life to be a wasted and hollow one other than weakness filling the emptiness within you?

True victory comes through struggle and sacrifice and without such we are destined to remain feeble. Break through the veil of illusion, Maya, that is this world into the reality of the Self through seeking knowledge of the Self. Awaken to your potential; visualize the possibilities and work to manifest them into the reality of this world - your world! Be that world of which you dream!

In 1645, the year of his death, the Japanese rōnin and philosopher, Miyamoto Musashi (circa 1584 to June 13th 1645) wrote “If you know the Way broadly you will see it in everything.” He penned this in his book, ‘Go Rin No Sho’ which translates as ‘The Book of Five Rings’. What he meant by this statement was that the increasing of ones potential in everything comes as a result of achieving excellence in anything. Master something and you have a greater chance of achieving prowess in other things. If you live weakness you will inherit weakness.

Want to educate yourself and become more knowledgeable? Read! Want to write an article or book? Put pen to paper! Want to be stronger and toned? Hit the iron! Want to lose weight and cease being the popular physical image of the Buddah? Cycle, eat less and better, quit alcohol or smoking and drink water! Do push-ups and do sit-ups! Want to understand your purpose and meaning in this world? Look within!

Whatever it is that you want, act and do it now! If you don't you may never know what could have been. If you fail, so what, try harder next time. The simple fact is, if you don't ever start you will never know, never grow and never improve. Death is near and time is running short but life without purpose, honour, courage and strength is not a life at all.

You are never too old. You are never too busy.

We are warriors; sons of the ancient ones. It is time to let the blood of your ancestors be honoured and respected. It is not enough to simply honour the Gods through words but to ignite the fire and glory of them through our actions. Strive to better yourself as the Allfather did for the Path of Odin is that of struggle and sacrifice. Make every step on that journey count!

Set ablaze the road behind you and from the ashes with every step forward arise stronger!

When you say to yourself, I'll do it tomorrow, not right now, I just don't have the energy or I have kids I just don't have the time, or some such nonsense – these are excuses. This is your inner bitch talking.

Ask yourself who controls your life, you the man or you the bitch?

For far too long I lived in a stagnant way when it came to fitness and strength. No longer. I decided that my daughter will not see an overweight and weak father as normal or acceptable. It isn't.

Strength of body is just as important as strength of mind. The spiritual journey is a long, winding and dangerous road that, whilst paved with wisdom, one can only understand the wonders that lay hidden before the true seeker if enough care is put into seeking, exploring, and utilising them. But what is the content of a book truly worth if you set alight the pages before reading them? Thus it is with spiritual knowledge, enlightenment aquired along the way and strength and fitness - what is your devotion worth if the temple, your physical body -  that you honour the Gods through, is a decaying dilapidating, rotting building? Strength and spirituality are the two edges of the same sword; taking extra care of the hilt whilst the blade rusts will only give the enemy a greater chance of defeating you.

Remember, only you can ignite the spark that will burn to ashes that which you despise about yourself - whether it be in the sphere of physical or emotional weakness, fear of failure, anxiety, lack of discipline, doubt, etc. 

In the final analysis, we can either step up and create our reality and change the world or rot in the illusion of living free whilst conforted by our self imposed shackles.

Life is more than mere survival, so conquer your inner bitch and LIVE!

For my part, I have started to physically train through exercise and weight lifting and I am seeing a significant change already. This is how it will be from now on; no going back. Make that change in your life today as life is more than mere survival.

If there is only one last thing I can say, it is this: conquer your inner bitch before it conquers you! Stop surviving and LIVE!

Ferrum et Sanguis
Sapienti Sat!

N. Leshy Sanghrajkara
IV:2268 RE

Paul Waggener, thank you!

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