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Marie Cachet, Varg Vikernes, Mythology and Maïeutics

Marie Cachet (youtube) explains that the myths are subjective; they are about us...

"Maïeutics, a term for "midwifery", is (here) a name for a Socratic method of "giving birth to minds". Maïa, a Native European goddess, is the midwife helping the mother give birth, and we intend with these books "to help give birth to minds", by unveiling the secrets of our forebears." - Marie Cachet (Marie D. F. Cachet), Paganism Explained, Part 1: Þrymskviða (Thrymskvida/The Layof Thrym). p.6. CSIPP, 2017.

The Maïeutics is the work of Marie Cachet. As to Varg Vikernes's role, "My contribution to this... have mainly been to translate the Norse stanzas, to find the etymological meanings to some of the different names and to write the English text. The Maïeutics itself is mainly the work of my wife, Marie". (Varg Vikernes, Initial Notes, July 2017, in Marie Cachet's Paganism Explained, Part 1: Þrymskviða (Thrymskvida/The Lay of Thrym). p.2. CSIPP, 2017).

See below for more information, both books and videos on the subject. Also look into the concept of Metagenetics by Gothi Stephen A. McNallen...

What is Paganism?
Oct 15, 2015
A video explaining the core concept, the basis, for the European religion, and actually for all original Paganism in Asia and America too. Without my wife's immense knowledge on the topic of European pre-historical traditions, I would not have been able to make this video. So thank you very much, Marie.  

Marie Cachet explains that the myths are subjective; they are about US. Here she explains Þrymskviða (The Lay of Thrym). This is a co-op video with Maïa and Varg. Explaining this myth: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Þrymskviða You can find Marie's book, The Secret of the She-Bear: An unexpected key to understand European mythologies, traditions and tales, here.  

Picking up the Runes (Maïeutics, Part II)
Oct 11, 2017
Stanzas 139-140 (Picking up the Runes) of Rúnatáls-þáttr-Óðins explained...  
Image by Nikarev Leshy Sanghrajkara

The Secret of the She-Bear: An Unexpected Key to Understand European Mythologies, Traditions and Tales

by Marie D. F. Cachet
(English, 1st edition, 18 Nov 2017). Originally published in French as 'Le secret de l'Ourse: Une clé inattendue pour la compréhension des mythologies, traditions et contes européens.' (French 2nd edition Dec 3, 2016, and French 1st edition July 9, 2016)

Dec 5, 2015

1 Nov 2017
The first book in a series where we unveil the Native European deities. In part I we tell you the basics of Native European Paganism and explain the meaning of Þrymskviða. The book is small (5"*8" and 50 pages) and easy to read.

8 Dec 2017
The second book in the series, this time we dissect a few fairy tales and show you how similar they are to our mythology. 92 pages. Witness our European heritage be revived.

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