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The Truth About Ynglism (Инглиизм)

With Ynglism (Инглиизм) becoming increasingly popular in the West, including certain individuals trying to incorporate elements of this fraudulent fake Rodnovery ideology (which no genuine Rodnover takes seriously, more the gullible and unknowing) within the resurgence of Odinism / Asatru, removing a couple of persons already, and even to have active communities in the West to spread their message to those within the Odinist / Asatru Native Faith communities in Europe and America (Odinist/Asatru-fraudulent Rodnovery-Ynglist hybrid). Many are drawn to this bastardisation because of the pro-white and esoteric root - know the frauds and ego driven liars.

The two primary leaders are Aleksandr Hinevich (Александр Хиневич) also known as Alexander, AY Khinevich, Pater Dii (Патер Дий), and Pater Dii Aleksandr Hinevich (Патер Дий Александр Хиневич/Хиневича) and Alexey Vasilevich Trehlebov (Алексей Васильевич Трехлебов/Трехлебов), aka, A.V. Trehlebov (А.В. Трехлебов), and Vedagor (Ведагора/Ведагор).

'Most of the ten years I spent with neo-pagans, I was in the organization that professed Ynglism. They have a sacred text that they say dates back to ancient times... [Slavic Aryan Vedas]. This is a collective name. There are santees (plates of gold) and Vedas of Perun, the Book of Light (the Scrolls of Light). So Ynglings claim that they do have the sacred texts. Or rather their translation into contemporary Russian. The question arises: “Where can you see the original texts?” Hinevich, the founder of Ynglism, says that the originals written on gold plates are hidden somewhere in Siberia. If you ask to see them, he says, “I will never show them or they will be stolen or taken away.” He is even afraid to show the photograph of them, saying that there are psychics who can determine the location of the gold plates using the photograph. And so on and so forth. (This is a vivid example of the credulousness of neo-pagans. If somebody told you, “I will now tell you everything about your grand-grandfather. People lied to you about him. You will now learn the truth. I have his diary and I now know everything about him. The diary describes the way you should live your life.” Anybody would have said, “Can I have a look at the diary?” But the only answer you get is “No you can’t have a look at the diary. Just listen to what I say and buy these accessories and devices from me—they are exactly like the ones your grand-grandfather had. Also, buy this book that I wrote about your grand-grandfather. And most importantly, listen to what I say.” Nobody would believe that. However, when somebody says that about our ancestors who lived forty generations ago, neo-pagans take it at face value and childishly believe it.)... Even though neo-pagans deny it, they have a very developed guruism. They treat their gurus with great respect. Of course, they call them by different names—magi, sorcerers, warlocks, etc.—they come up with many names. They really trust these leaders. Although they say that “we don’t have figures of authority, everyone expresses how they feel the call of blood in their own way” and so on... As far as Ynglings were concerned, it was quite simple and I made my final decision. I am very serious with my interests. If I’m interested in anything, I try to get as deep into the subject as I can. When I was an Yngling, I went to Omsk and lived there in the room next to Hinevich, the founder of Ynglism. I was in his room and the first thing that got me there was a great number of books on suggestive psychology. His room is full of bookshelves, and half of the books are on hypnotism, negotiation techniques, neuro- linguistic programming, etc. Judging by how he talks and delivers lectures, you can see that he is well prepared. He makes good use of the pitch of his voice, effective pauses, etc. So I got interested, and started digging deeper and looking for some proof. I didn’t even ask about the gold plates, because there was no chance of me seeing them. I tried to find proof confirming at least some minor things. For example, Pater Dii, as Hinevich calls himself, states that during the times of the Russian Empire his teachings were known to the military. To prove it he referred to a book from the Imperial Military Library in Kiev. I have a scan of this book at home. He uses this book to prove that the Slav’s pantheon included Scandinavian god Odin. If I remember correctly, the quote goes like this: “There is life on Mars and God Odin grants this life”. This is the abridged statement that Hinevich quotes. I had that book in my hands and read it in his room. If you look for the context, i.e. read what is before and after that quote, you see that the book describes life on all planets. So this quote is about one God who grants life. Every word is capitalized, so “Odin” in that context doesn’t refer to God Odin, it is a part of respectful statement that “God is One” (“Odin” means “One” in Russian). Christ is referenced throughout the book, so this text has nothing to do with Hinevich’s conclusions. This is his general approach to everything that includes taking quotes out of context, manipulation of facts, misquoting and so on... When you try to call his bluff—and I wasn’t the only one who tried to do it—he, as a good psychologist, always evades the answer and laughs it off, so for many years he managed to avoid direct confrontations. So, I started digging into it… I got the training materials that they use in their “spiritual school” and “spiritual seminary”. Looking through them on Hinevich’s computer, I came across some interesting text files. I noticed that if you compare the Book of Light (Scrolls of Light) to what was in the file, you could see a direct plagiarism. Hinevich simply took the names from that file and replaced them with the names of Slavic gods or mystical creatures. The rest of the text practically wasn’t changed. Later when I started looking for it, I found out that this was so-called Legends of Moscow Templars, a masonic text about “satanail’s” revolt and so on. So Hinevich simply renamed satanail into Chernobog (Black God) and rewrote that masonic story with a Slavic flavor. That was how the Book of Light came to be. The rest is exactly the same, only the names are changed. After I discovered that, I started looking for like-minded people who left Hinevich years ago, including his close associates who delivered lectures on Ynglism and held classes in the “school” and “seminary” just like he did. And still they left him. At that time, I already realized that this man was a liar, shamelessly playing with the most sacred religious feelings of people. Later when I got some information from the law enforcement authorities, I understood that this man was doing this wilfully and deliberately. He had a temple on this land plot in Omsk. The temple was burned down and there was an investigation. A lot of incriminating materials were found and people were arraigned on criminal charges. The case was indeed criminal as the materials incited racial, religious and other types of hatred. These are well-known facts... At first, I was disillusioned with him as a person. But since he was the founder of this movement, this disillusionment carried over to his teachings. I don’t regret it at all. When I talked to people months and years later, I realized that quitting the Ynglings was the right thing to do. Now I just laugh about it, because more and more information is being discovered.'

"Where you recognise evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies." - Hávamál, Edda

This rubbish is being spread again, this time by innocents that do not realise the fraudulent nature of this parasitic group. Direct them to this thread if you see it or spread the information above.

Fraudulent junk:

Fake Rodnovery. If you want something serious look up Volhv Veleslav.

Slavic Aryan Vedas (Ynglism) states that Perun is an alien that arrived to earth on a UFO. Serious Ridnovirs do not take this movement seriously. I have read all of their books and they are quite embarassing.

As for the Slavic-Vedic connection, I absolutely agree that they are closer than most westerners think. For example in Ukraine we call pagan priests Vrahmani or Rahmani, parallel with vedic Brahmanism. Then there are close similarities in the names of the Gods. For example Svarog the god of the heavens, in Sanskrit heaven is called Svarga. Then there is Perun and his vedic parallel Parjana (Indra's epithet). Veles and his vedic parallel Vala (Vritra's epithet). This is just touching the surface. Sadly since little has survived of our pagan culture, we cannot fully draw the parallels. 

Slavs are the living descendants of the ancient Aryans according to genetics and linguistics, comparative mythology and archeology. If the information we have from those fields is not enough for some to understand their racial and spiritual origin that is unfortuanate. It shouldn't validate wild unrealistic fantasies, fabricated deities and foreign religious practices incorporated into supposed native faith practices. The Aryans originated on the steppes of modern day Russia and Ukraine not the North Pole and migrated to a variety of places surrounding. Aryan Vedas were transmitted orally until Aryans found themselves living and intermingling with foreign cultures and found their way of life under threat. Literacy is not Indo-European in nature and all Indo-European alphabets show strong foreign influence. ''Slavs'' were illiterate and known as Sarmatians, Scythians etc.etc. They became ''Slovani'' when an alphabet was created and their language codified.

Они наносят вред Славянской Вере

Не нужно ждать, пока люди извне будут указывать нам на шарлатанов в наших рядах, и судить нас всех по ним!
  • Выявлять шарлатанов и вредителей, и беречь от них Святую Веру предков - вот одна из задач каждого здравомыслящего родновера!

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  1. Very good read. Thankyou. I learnt of Dmitriy Kushnir who is publishing similar material, and getting his followers to fund him building a temple. History with working in the Military, Ukranian I think. Lacing his material with religious, ethnic and gender / sexual chauvanism.

  2. You're on some tartaria psyop nonsense. Hyperborea was real. Atlantis was real.

    I will not be taking your word for it. Laugh all you want, but the targeting of Aryan history is real and the fear of exposing ancient texts should be taken extremely seriously. Especially in Jewish Mafia controlled Russia, belorus, etc etc.

    That's not to say this guy is not a fraud, he could very well be, but the reason the plates would be hidden is very understandable.
    Slavs are only one sub-set of the Aryans btw....