Monday, 16 January 2017

The Nature of Odinism

The roots of Native Faith, the ancestral bonds of our spiritual worldview, lay not in the past and the mists of time, but in eternity – stretching from time immemorial to the far reaches of our people’s future – an eternal sacred connection with the blood.

01. Odinism - The spiritual expression of the folk-soul of our people.

02. Odinism - The antithesis to dogmatic spiritual conformity.

03. Odinism - To live in accordance and harmony with nature and her eternal laws.

04. Odinism - The authentic intrinsic need for the search for truth, the nature of being and the true Self.

05. Odinism - The exploration and continuity of ancestral heritage, native land, wildlife, native people and Gods.

06. Odinism - The spiritual breath of our understanding of the cosmos and the world around us and beyond.

07. Odinism - To honour the past, venerate the ancestors, live effectively in the present and secure the future.

08. Odinism - The non-dual nature of being, the world, of Gods and men.

09. Odinism - To respect, love, nurture, honour – to Live.

As we sail upon the vast ocean that is modernism, ignorance and materialism, those of us that see Native Faith as an island and shelter in this lingering storm of spiritual and folkish decay know well that this revolt against the modern world, this spiritual re-awakening to the call of the blood, is not the preservation of ash, but the transfer of live fire.

The wind carries the whispers of our ancestors and the ancient knowledge. The ways of true understanding can be heard rustling in the trees of Native Faith. But it is up to us to hear the call of the blood if we truly want to understand, beyond mere survival, the world around us and our true purpose here.

Remember - at its core, Odinism, our Germanic Native Faith, is not the preservation of ash, but the transfer of live fire!

Sapienti Sat!

N. Leshy Sanghrajkara

From ‘Odinism: Germanic Native Faith’. Forthcoming.

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