Friday, 20 January 2017

A folkish non-discussion is needed

Far too often we see the topic of folkish versus universalist constantly flaring up like an infected sore. But for what purpose does endless debate on this issue serve? An issue that, dealt with long ago and burning only due to the fuel that it is fed, would otherwise dissipate into nothingness – that which it is and deserves if starved of oxygen.

There is NO discussion on whether or not the Native Faith of the European people is folkish or universalist. This is because it’s a non-issue in and of itself and not relevant in any degree when an ounce of thought is put to it. For the wise no words are needed. Anything else other than the self-evident is a bastardisation of eternal and natural truth.

Why focus on it, endlessly debating and criticising? To convert someone? Maybe those in need of education on something so simple are not of the intellectual calibre you really desire to surround yourself with. Those that do not see self-evident truth naturally are not worth your time. The reality is that any further discussion on this matter only gives it more credit than it is due - none.

A non-discussion on this matter is needed. Too much time and effort has been put to this “controversy” when far more important matters of the search for the Self and Spiritual exploration should be at the forefront. Everything that can be said has been said. Anything else is just walking up to the same point of a mountain over and over again rather than reaching for the summit.

Native Faith is folkish, but to anyone with common sense recognises this from the outset. This is a fact and those that don’t see this as such are lost in a sea of ignorance – irrelevant.

Any other interpretation is not recognised, illegitimate – simply put, not worthy of your precious time. Or else, and as is too often the case, we go round and round in circles.

This is not to put down the excellent works put out on this matter, of which there are many, but it is for this very reason, alongside its insignificance due to its incontrovertible self-evident reality to the wise, that I rarely if ever comment on this topic or describe my Native Faith as folkish.

It is time for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear to move on and focus on the far more important and deeper aspects of our Native Faith and apply ones time to discussing and practising that. Can you do both? Maybe, but why!

Spiritual growth comes not in the circular reading of the same old browning pages of a book, but by applying the deeper knowledge learned in the discovery and development of the Self.

Focus on the Path brings clarity. Wrapping yourself in the threads of ignorance runs the risk of only entangling you deeper. Stagnate or transcend.

Sapienti Sat!

N.L. Sanghrajkara, I:XXI:MMXVII

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