Friday, 5 June 2015

Thoughts on the Left Hand Path in Odinism - Askr Svarte

Probably, the main idea of today, which wants to convey: Left Hand Path in Odinism - this is not "new and true in all instances" reading of the tradition; not a statement of our absolute right and absolute wrongness of all other historical versions and interpretations; no apology for alleged moral vices (who ever says about this in paganism?) and tracing from naive concepts Satanists (rёkkatru, tursatru etc.) of all kinds.
Left Hand Path in Odinism - is, so to speak - direction focused on another reading of the tradition and some Divine figures, their functions and the Wisdom that can be understood by following this Path.
There is not and can not be the opposition [between RHP and LHP]; for the Left Hand Path, we can say so, it grows and adds new level of interpretation, the new Path, the root of the World Tree.
It is noteworthy that the very subject of LHP in Odinism begins to emerge only in the XX century, although most of this tradition for more than plenty of preconditions, hints and elements of its pattern.
Therefore, LHP in Odinism nowaday is an open process. For some it will be a plus, opening the way for creativity, for someone it will be a minus allowing carry nonsense. We perceive the situation as a given; a time for everything, and everything will be tested by time.
Today the authors directly talking about LHP in Odinism can be counted on the fingers. The scope and diversity of the approaches are quite wide, but structurally they embody nonconformist approach, embody those aspects of the Gods, which violate the rules and procedures. Partly here originates marginalization of subject. But this again rather moralistic problem.
Huge potential for concepts in the Left Hand Path Odinism is in philosophy of Pagan Traditionalism. This is a huge plus, and a factor that does not allow to slide into the abyss of New-Age syncretism and Postmodern.
In general, we are witnessing [and actors] incarnation of another aspect of Northern Tradition of our Gods.
Here's a thought it would be desirable to inform all brothers.


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