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«Gap» by Evgeny Nechkasov (Askr Svarte) NOW AVAILABLE in English

As we reported on March 30th, 2015, where we gave news that 'Gap' was to be published in English, we can now confirm that it is now available by this magnificent author, my friend and a person I truly respect, Volhv Nechkasov. (see our interview) The English translation is available, as on May 14th, 2015, in English, as posted here on Facebook. The preface can be read below.

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Book Description
The first text ever translated by Aske Svarte from Russia on Left Hand Path Odinism. It is a significant study of Odinism, Shamanism, esotericism and LHP initiation. It includes a comprehensive guide to Norse cosmology, the Runes as well as rites and practices. It is superbly illustrated and includes materials never before released outside Russia. It includes an interview with Svarte in the appendix as a bonus and is presented as a large oversized softcover.


On April 27th, 2015, Nechkasov has stated that, 

“I am pleased to report that the work on the preparation of the English version of the book "Gap" is almost completed. It remained for the cover and minor corrections.” (Source)

On May 14th, 2015, at 07:03, Nechkasov wrote that, 

“I translate the last two texts to the book "Gap", which I decided to include it in the last moment. They are very new and have not been published before in English. It is difficult to translate a poetic passages=)” (Source)

At 12:00 on May 14th, 2015, my friend Wulf R Grimsson and another man I greatly admire, wrote,

Aske Svarte is a pre-eminent Odinism and Sorcerer from Russia, his has written extensively on the Runes, Odinism, Shamanism and the path to Left Hand Path Initiation but until now his work has only been available in Russian. At last his major work Gap (which means Void or the Ginnungagap – the first Chaotic state in the evolution of the cosmos in Norse cosmology) he covers all aspects of the Norse tradition from an initiated perspective. It is beautifully illustrated and rare and unusual. (Source)


Book before you contains an extended description of the Left Hand Path in Odinism, we called the Path through Dark Side of the Ash [Yggdrasil] (Svarte Aske). The first approximation to this we opened during traumatic existential experience (Nigredo), and was described in the book of the same name «Svarte Aske». This book continues the journey begun earlier and a description of the spiritual component, and ritual practices.

Also this book as an early work contains certain statements and positions, which today we cannot accept in force of the new, deeper vision. But at some point they were relevant. Therefore, in the English edition, we have implemented a number of important revisions and comments. Were removed some parts of the chapters devoted to the rituals, and added more new and tested by the experience. In other words, the practical part is fixed on the basis of the actual ritual experience. Removed unnecessary, uncalled, added new and expirienced.

Corrected some textual aspects associated with the Scandinavian and Russian languages. We set ourselves the task to convey the meaning of our vision, so some of the language and style of the English text differ from Russian, in favor of meaning rather than form. We also added a special comments and explanations of some words. But the maximum disclosure of all the subtlest nuances of language, style of prose and poetry, can only be achieved by studying the native languages of Odinism and Russian language in which we present teachings.

Referring to the very doctrine, we are largely left it unchanged, but believe it is important to guiding tips that will not allow us to understand the changes and to make false inferences from the text.

For us, the Left Hand Path — it’s not black magic, it is not Satanism and original way to obtain wealth. This is not the syncretism and liberalism in the spiritual realm. Left Hand Path in Odinism — it’s fast, radical non-conformist way of disclosure of the divine world. The path of the Dark Side is clear — this is the way, do not deny the common understanding of the bright tradition of Odin, customs of the North. We do not oppose themselves to the traditional interpretation Odinism. We, in some way, it opens in a new depth, a different dimension. As One — God of travelers, and we follow his example, and go to a new path, which no one went. But hints of this Let there around heritage of the North. Therefore, Left Hand Path — this is primarily a mystical, philosophical path of transformation of human self-knowledge and the disclosure of the Spirit through the most radical, terrible, horrible with ordinary point of view, the images and practices. Because Odin the Allfather, he is everywhere and in everything.

Therefore, we emphasize that we take for samples of our glorious Gods and Sacred Origin. The townsfolk believe that the Gods are bright, kind, and all over the dreadful and terrible there is no Gods, there’s demons, jotuns and evil. This interpretation is only partially true. Therefore, in our texts can meet certain convergence of images of Gods with the titans figures, demons and monsters. And this is a very delicate moment in which it is important to always remain faithful to the Gods and not to succumb to the mixing of images, not to become a praise of the titans, giants, jotuns as Gods. Such a substitution is fraught with falling away from the spiritual path in the material dimension. Failure on the Left Hand Path is expressed in spiritual betrayal in favor of the material. Horrific images and radical practices cease to be tools and become objective forms outrageous and achieve their own selfish purposes. What does the primitive black magic, necromancy, Satanism, etc. ideologies to which we have no relationship. Therefore, we urge to be extremely careful during the dive into the Abyss (Ginnungagap). Gods and titans may seem one, and this is a dangerous illusion, a difficult test on the Left Hand Path. It should go, and we just pointed to the existence of such convergence in our texts.

In fact, the English-speaking readers are in a better position, because they get well corrected version of this book contains a lot of new and proven experimentally.

So let everyone who ventures to look into the Abyss, appreciate our vision and be successful in their spiritual journey!

For the Glory of Gods!

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ISBN: 9781329136137
Copyright: Aske Svarte (Standard Copyright Licence)
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Loki's Way
Published: 14 May 2015
Language: English
Pages: 131
Binding: Perfect-bound Paperback
Interior Ink: Black & white
Weight: 0.44 kg
Dimensions (centimetres): 21.59 wide x 27.94 tall


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