Monday, 10 February 2014

Folkishness - The Next Spiritual Revolution

Men and women from all around the world are realizing they've been had, tricked into believing they were something different than what the mirror tells them. Africans were told to follow Jesus, but when they realize who they are and who their ancestors were, they know better. American Indians listened to the Christian missionaries - as if they had any choice! - but the churches cannot compare to the lonely forest or the wide-stretching desert, the majesty of the hunt and the exaltation of the Sun Dance. And, yes, the men and women of Europe again hear Woden in the wind and the other Gods and Goddesses stirring in their souls, and they remember a better way.

We were colonized, all of us. Not just in our bodies but in our minds and our spirits. We gave ourselves to Jesus, or Allah, or to secular materialism, or to "muticulturalism" and to the shopping mall. But now we are throwing off that inner colonization, fighting wars of spiritual liberation, listening to the quiet, yet insistent, (and sometimes furious) chanting of the ancestors.

A hundred years from now the Abrahamic faiths will be a quaint memory, along with all the philosophies that try to tell us that our ancestors do not matter. "Why would anyone want to follow anything other than the ways of their own people?" we will ask ourselves. Eurofolk may ask it in English, or German, or Gaelic. Other folks will ask it in Swahili, or Yoruba, or Sango. Still others will use the tongues their own foerfathers and foremothers knew.

And we will be whole.

Folkishness - the next spiritual revolution.

Hail the Gods!
Hail the Asatru Folk Assembly!

Steve McNallen

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