Monday, 10 February 2014

Das Hohelied von Allvater by Adolf Krolll

Translation of the German text:

Das Hohelied von Allvater 
(The Songs of Allfather)

Ein germanisches Glaubensbekenntnis von Adolf Kroll 
(A Germanic Creed by Adolf Kroll)

1. Auflage 
(1st Edition)

Nornen-Verlag, jena – 1918 
(Nornen-Verlag = Publisher. Jena = city in Thuringia, Germany) 

More information

The runic script translates as "lona thiore woman winuth lonath." I am unfamiliar with what this means but I believe it to be more of a magickal formula rather than a sentence.

Some interesting thoughts on the VK site regarding this image.

Discussion on this image on Facebook.

"The eye in the triangle symbol is interesting. I'd written something about Illuminati and Odinic philosophy a while back which may be of interest."

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