Saturday, 4 January 2014

Workshop "Cult" (Мастерская "Культ")

The workshop "Cult", based in Bryansk, Russia, are Slavic makers of various pagan items, such as Bratina, chur/kap (idols), etc. for Odinists and Rodnovers. All personal and specific requirements in the manufacture (design) are happily taken into account.

This is the workshop that made my beautiful Odin Idol. Please show your support and contact them at the below link if you would like any work done. If you are ordering outside of Russia, then please setup a Western Union account.

You can email the workshop here: zebster216 AT yandex DOT ru

Some examples of their work can be seen below.

Сварог. Изготовляли на заказ.
Перун, Велес, Сварог. Изготовляли на заказ.
Домашний алтарь в Красный Угол. Мара, Черновит, Велес. Имеется шторка.
Чур Лады, на заказ.
Домашний настенный алтарь. Велес, Чернобог, Вий, Мара
Перун, Велес, Сварог. Изготовляли на заказ.

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