Saturday, 4 January 2014

Odin Idol (Kap [Капь]/Chur [Чур])

Odin Idol 
(Kap [Капь]/Chur [Чур])

This idol (left) was made for me by the Workshop "Cult" (Мастерская "Культ") in Bryansk, Russia, by Andrey Forest. This was his first order from the UK (the furthest he has ever had an order from), and his first time cutting Odin, and features the Trifos. It is now located in the Red Corner.

ЧУР — то же, что и КАПЬ. Также ЧУР — дух Предка (Чур-Щур-Пращур), Родовой дух-хранитель.

CHUR - the same as the KAP. Also CHUR - Ancestral Spirit (Chur-Schur-Grandfathers) Generic guardian spirit.
Plural: Свята (Chury)

КАПЬ — священное изваяние, Образ Кого-либо из Родных Богов либо Предков, обычно вырезанный из дерева или высеченный из камня.

KAP - the sacred statue, image of any of the Native Gods or Ancestors, usually carved out of wood or carved from stone.

Велимор / Kaldrad – Сын Одина
(Velimor / Kaldrad – Son of Odin)

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