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The Sanctuary of Surtur

The Surtur Sanctuary

A place for practices and rituals for Surtur, and for the practice of the “Død”, should be chosen by the following signs:

  1. The place should be removed from roads and hidden from people.
  2. The place should be of scorched earth, in burnt forest, or in the valleys.
  3. The sanctuary place should not have any boundaries [ex: protective circles].
  4. A black burnt tree or beam should be installed on the sanctuary, symbolizing the Lord of Black Fire.
  5. For the practice of the “Død” in the sanctuary their should be a deep excavated grave, in order of the adherents size.
  6. Other ritual items [flags, idols, etc] should be used under the rules of appropriated ritual or practice.
Using a special sanctuary place might be useful in appropriated stages and for appropriated people. Following the Path the adherent could see that all around is scorched earth, dead space of the World Mound. So any place is a sanctuary for the Surtur and suitable for practice.

In case of desecration or destruction of a sanctuary takes place then you should not lament, because nothing is eternal and places which are consecrated for Death die also.

You should especially not execrate befoulers because of their ignorance, for they are the worst of all execrates.

Heil Surtur!

2013 e.v.

* See also the Cult of Surtur

Translated from the original Russian by Evgeny Nechkasov and Nikarev Leshy

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