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Funeral Ceremony for Доброслав (Dobroslav)

Funeral Ceremony for Доброслав (Dobroslav)

Information predominetly taken from the Dobroslav community on VK. Other sources include Volhv Bogumil on VK. I have tried make make the translation as accurate as possible.

Watra, a Polish Rodnover organisation, has kindly made this page available in Polish.

"On May 22 a funeral and farewell service and cremation took place for Dobroslav in accordance with his wishes. This was held in the afternoon in the village of Vesenevo on the ancient rite according to his will."

"The burial of his ashes was held on May 23 at the cemetery at 11:00 in Shabalino."

"Dobroslav's ashes were divided into three parts. One was left in Vesenevo, one buried beside his wife in Shabalino and one buried in Moscow at the graves of their ancestors."

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, and so must one die oneself. But one thing I know which never dies -- the fame of a dead man's deeds." - Havamal, Edda

Доброслав (Dobroslav)
13.10.1938 - 19.05.2013

"The second urn Dobroslava (seen in the photo left) in the execution of the will of his youngest son Vyatich drove to Moscow to give to the world (old-old German name) Vvedenskoe Cemetery at the grave of their ancestors. We invite all colleagues 2nd of June. Time will announce later."

[Вторую урну с Прахом Доброслава ( на фото видно )во исполнение завещания его младший сын Вятич повез в Москву для придания Земле на (Старонемецкое -старое название) Введенское кладбище на могиле предков. Приглашаются все соратники 2-ого июня. Время объявлю позже.]

(Specific source)

"It was such a momentous event, we realize it fully only some time later ... Fire burial according to the custom of ancestors ... World turned upside down, because it was possible in spite of everything! Dobroslav, being already on the other side of life, proved that it is possible ... His last gift to us. Dobrosława glory! " - Volhv Bogumil

["Это было столь знаковое событие, что осознаем его в полной мере лишь некое время погодя... Огненное погребение по обычаю предков... Мир перевернулся, ибо оно оказалось возможным наперекор всему! Доброслав, находясь уже по ту сторону бытия, доказал, что это возможно... Последний его дар нам. Слава Доброславу!" - Волхв Богумил]

(Specific source)

UPDATE (24/05/13): 

"As testament Dobroslava part of his ashes will be interred in the grave of his parents, on the old German cemetery near Lefortovo, Moscow. The tentative date - June 2, the exact time will be specified later. After the burial will be raising funds for the installation of commemorative plates."

"По завещанию Доброслава часть его праха будет предана земле на могиле его родителей, на старонемецком кладбище возле Лефортово, г.Москва. Предварительная дата - 2 июня, точное время будет указанно позже. После захоронения будет производиться сбор средств на установку памятной плиты."

"Law enforcement authorities were looking for a funeral Dobroslava extremism. Police seized books Dobroslava supporters of the famous pagan." (Source)

"Правоохранительные органы искали экстремизм на похоронах Доброслава. Полиция изъяла книги Доброслава у сторонников известного язычника." (Source

The below is a video of the fire ritual burial of Veleslav

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