Monday, 2 January 2012

Wheat and Sword, Freedom and Bread!

Used as well in Israeli army

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Polish military badge during Communist reign used by Army Quartermaster. Translated from here - "Badge of Logistic Service (formerly Quartermasters) - Land Forces - Military Forces of People's Republic of Poland." This badge is called a "korpusówki" and can be seen here:ówka . It is described at this link:,korpusowka_sluzb_logistycznych_wp_-_nowa.html as "The original set of korpusówek (2 pieces) patkach worn jacket coat uniform output by the Service and Logistics (formerly quartermaster) HR. " And this formation is about:

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"Landvolkbewegung", Northern Germany at the end of the 1920s. Although their symbol was a sword crossed with a plough.

Possibly inspired by 'Blut und Boden'

Blood & Soil: Watlther Darre and Hitler's Green Party by Anna Bramwell -

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