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The 'Alien Interview' Footage - Just The Details: A Timeline

“My purpose is to expose the existence of the aliens.” 
                       - Victor, 'Area 51: The Alien Interview', 1997


In 1996 an anonymous individual, identifying himself only as 'Victor', contacted various national television networks regarding a 2 minute 55 second video clip that he had in his possession. This controversial and potentially life changing piece of film purported to be footage of an alleged "interview" being conducted between military intelligence personnel and an 'Extraterrestrial Biological Entity' (EBE). This interview is said to have taken place at S-4, a covert government-military facility located within the ultra top-secret Area 51 complex in Groom Lake, Nevada.

You can view the documentary on the footage here and the actual 2 minute 55 second clip on its own here.

This is the story that for 19 year has not been debunked and proven to be a hoax. This this is the story that for 19 years the mainstream media have ignored, despite giving coverage to obvious fakes and  sensationalist nonsense. Why? It may be a hoax, but no one has yet been able to prove it, and no one has come forward to admit to it being a hoax. The autopsy footage was clearly a hoax yet the mainstream jumped on it.

What if it is real?

Please Note: the MP3 link to the Victor interview on Coast to Coast AM that happened in 1997 is edited. The full 2 hour show can be listened to on the DVD release of the documentary, detailed below. In addition, for computer analysis of the footage, please see the timeline section below dated October 11th 2013.


It is claimed that Victor obtained the footage whilst working at the installation, and an opportunity was seized during data transfer from analogue to digital. Regarding this, Victor states:  

“I will say that this tape was copied under special circumstances otherwise copying it would have been impossible... Recently their was a wholesale transfer of video documentation from analogue tape to digital disc storage and a couple of instances this allowed data to leak from a highest security system to a less high security system.”  (Source: 'Area 51: The Alien Interview'. Original VHS release date July 7, 1997. Interview filmed September 1996.)

Later, during the May 23rd 1997 live interview broadcast that Victor did on Coast to Coast AM with host Art Bell and co-guest Sean David Morton, he stated that:

“I have never stated that I was assisting or participating in this downloading. I mentioned the downloading. I referred to the downloading in my cryptic attempt to suggest how the tape was "smuggled out" as everyone seems to prefer to refer to it... Frankly a VHS tape has never come onto or been taken off of the S-4... I came into the possession of this tape thanks to a confluence of circumstances which I can relate now, I was not able to relate it in September but the circumstances have changed which we may get to. The linchpin of the possibility that was afforded to me to bring out this particular piece of information is that Area 51 is now defunct as an operating location for the governments Alien programme. And this process has been ongoing since 1991... I was the active agent in removing the data that appears on that tape from S-4. The tape itself is a simple VHS copy which I provided to Rocket Pictures. The actual data was digital, was a relatively small bundle of information, it did not require anything so conspicuous as a VHS tape to be brought out and I will not say at this time whether it was brought out in a discreet unit or whether it was smuggled out in another form.”

When asked when the EBE was brought to the base, Victor stated: 

"Approximately 10, no, I'm sorry, 20 months. In was brought in in late 1989 and the tape was from January of 1991.” 

And went on to state, when asked if he knew how they got their hands on this alien, that:  

“I believe the governments position is that they shot this alien down. I do not personally believe that the government could shoot this alien down if the alien did not choose to be shot down."

When asked about the coding stamp on the video Victor states:

“DNI is Department of Naval Intelligence; 27 refers to a system of division that DNI adopted back when they began using time code, and it's a jerry-rigged adaptation of an earlier logging system for visual documentation; and then the final eight digits are self-explanatory – those are hours, minutes, seconds, and frames... “27” has no meaning in and of itself. Its merely a logging system that can be accessed according to code books and what have you.” (Source: Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Victor, host Art Bell, and co-guest Sean David Morton, May 23rd 1997. MP3)


In the February 18th 1996 (Vol. III, Issue 27) publication of Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, Morton predicted that "A LIVE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL BEING will be shown on national television this year [this website editor: 1997]. I may not be what you expect!" That prediction has now come to pass with a stunning force that I never expected.  A few months later I was called in by my friend Jeff Broadstreet to view the actual footage of a military interrogation of a live extra-terrestrial being by the US military." (Source: Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, December 15th 1997 (Vol. IV, Issue 38 - "The Mysterious Victor". PDF.)).

In mid 1996, being in the possession of the footage outside of Area 51, Victor took it to a number of network television companies to publicly expose his claims, approaching many television companies in his attempts to show the footage to the public.

Victor has stated that:

"When I went to Hollywood (hat in hand, rather foolishly) it quickly became apparent to me that almost no one could be trusted to maintain my privacy - not because they particularly cared about up-ending my plans, but simply because they felt that the publicity would be to their benefit or, in some cases - in some of the larger organizations... they were worried about their reputations." (Source: Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Victor, host Art Bell, and co-guest Sean David Morton, May 23rd 1997. MP3. For transcript see Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, December 15th 1997 (Vol. IV, Issue 38 - "The Mysterious Victor". PDF).

Victor first approached the Fox Broadcasting Company, who turned him down after the problems in authenticity they had when the Roswell autopsy footage was shown by them (a proven hoax). Fox felt they were being deceived for a second time. Victor later opened up a Variety Magazine and their is a full page advertisement for a Tim Conway who did a series of funny golf videos (Tim Conway is Dorf - Dorf On Golf) by Rocket Pictures (Rocket Home Pictures Productions), based in Los Angeles, California. Victor called this company and spoke to Tom Coleman who then contacts Jeff Broadstreet... (Source: “Strange Universe” radio broadcast with Sean David Morton, May 22nd 2014).

On July 26th 1996, Victor spoke to Tom Coleman (T. Joseph Coleman), then president of Rocket Pictures, an independent video distribution company, stating that he was in possession of a several minute piece of footage irrefutably proving the existence of human/extraterrestrial contact. It was agreed that Victor would be interviewed and Rocket decided to produce a documentary based on the interview and the footage.

Coleman has stated that: 

"I of course thought this was some hoax. In fact I thought it might have  even been my brother at one point. But as we spoke this was someone who seemed to be very serious. We went back and forth on this and I basically decided that this is a little bit to weird for me, thank you, and goodbye. As I hung up I had a very strange feeling that maybe, just maybe, their was something here... He said he had a tape of a space alien, an E.T., that was being held in a military installation in Nevada. I'm not sure as a prisoner or a guest, and he had this one tape... "I made it very clear to Victor that his credibility was the entire issue here and that everybody is going to think this is a hoax and how are they going to possibly verify this? What he said was, you can do anything you want in terms of verifying, any type of due diligence, he will answer whatever questions put forward, we can do whatever type of checking, we could bring in experts, we could have the tape tested. In fact, he encouraged all of these aspects, he just did not want his face and his real name revealed." (Source: 'Area 51: The Alien Interview'. Original VHS release date July 7, 1997.)

Sometime 1996 (between July and September I believe - website editor), Issue #33, Vol. III of the “Delphi Associates Newsletter” was produced, entitled, “The Alien Invasion”, which discussed Victor and the footage. (Source: Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, December 15th 1997 (Vol. IV, Issue 38 - "The Mysterious Victor". PDF.)).
In September 1996 the above mentioned filmed interview for the documentary with Victor was conducted and filmed. (Source: Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Victor, host Asrt Bell, and co-guest Sean David Morton, May 23rd 1997. MP3)

Sean David Morton
On March 13th 1997, Coast to Coast AM broadcast a live interview with guest Sean David Morton and host Art Bell. During this interview Morton mentioned the footage, after having also been interviewed for the Rocket production. This was the first time that the general public became aware of the video's existence.

On April 11th 1997, Morton's produced an issue of his “Delphi Associates Newsletter" which comments on the footage. During the May 23rd 1997 Coast to Coast AM broadcast, Victor comments on this issue stating that:

"I have to say this is how misinformation proliferates. I don't know where you got your information about what I have stated to the Rocket people, but there were a number of statements here that are incorrect... In your newsletter you state, 'Victor was assisting in the downloading of video analogue footage to digital computer storage.' I have never stated that I was assisting or participating in this downloading. I mentioned downloading . I referred to the downloading in my cryptic attempt to suggest how the tape was "smuggled" out - as everyone seems to prefer to refer to it... later in the same newsletter, Mr. Morton says that I... 'And an opportunity came where he was left unwatched and unsupervised for a scant few moments, which allowed him to make a quick VHS copy of footage he was viewing. , and somehow managed to smuggle it off the base in a bag with some other equipment.' Now, I've never made a statement like this. It's a charming scene for a science fiction movie, but frankly, a VHS  tape has never come on to - or been take off of  - the S-5 (site)."  (Source: Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Victor, host Art Bell, and co-guest Sean David Morton, May 23rd 1997. MP3 and Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, December 15th 1997 (Vol. IV, Issue 38 - "The Mysterious Victor". PDF.)).

Whitley Strieber
On April 12th 1997, Coast to Coast broadcast a live interview with guest Whitley Strieber. During the show Strieber comments on the video footage. (Source: Coast to Coast AM broadcast with Victor, host Art Bell, and co-guest Sean David Morton, May 23rd 1997. MP3)

On April 14th 1997, Strange Universe a U.S. syndicated daily half-hour television programme about paranormal phenomena, aired an episode as an exclusive sneak preview of the footage after they, according to director of research Renee Barnett, had obtained "the right to broadcast a limited segment" (Source: PR Newswite/Rysher Entertainment. Link). Strange Universe was produced by Chris-Craft/United Television and distributed by Rysher Entertainment. This was the first time since the launch of Strange Universe that an entire programme had been devoted to a single topic. This Strange Universe episode is included, in full, as an extra on the 2008 Special Edition of the "Alien Interview" documentary DVD.

Art Bell
On May 23rd 1997, Coast to Coast AM broadcast a live interview with Victor, host Art Bell, and co-guest Sean David Morton to discuss the alleged video footage. Jeff Broadstreet met with Victor at an undisclosed location to dial in the do the interview. This Coast to Coast broadcast is included as an extra on the 2008 Special Edition of the "Alien Interview" documentary. You can listen to an edited MP3 file of this interview here.

On July 7th 1997, the documentary, 'Area 51: The Alien Interview' (IMDB, official website) was released as a mail order home video by Rocket Pictures, featuring the footage and exclusive interview with 'Victor'. The documentary, directed by Jeff Broadstreet (official facebook page), written by Robert Benson, narrated by Greg O'Neill, segment produced by Bart Bishop, produced by Jess Broadstreet and Larry Finch, and executive produced by Danny Kopels,  also featured interviews with Bob Lazar, Tom Coleman, Sean David Morton, Robert Dean, Rick Baker, David Adair, Jim Dilettoso (IMDB), Michael Hesemann, and John Criswell. The documentary was hosted by Steven Williams, whom played Mr. X on the Fox hit science fiction series The X-Files.

In the December 15th 1997 (Vol. IV, Issue 38 - "The Mysterious Victor") publication of Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, Morton discusses the video footage and offers a full transcript of the May 23rd 1997 Coast to Coast AM radio broadcast featuring himself, host Art Bell and Victor. PDF.

In the February 2001 issue of the UK computer magazine "PC Pro", a free copy of the "Area 51 - Alien Interview" DVD, with new artwork, was included. (Source: Link).

In the May 2001 (Vol. 6, Issue 71) publication of Sean David Morton's “Delphi Associates Newsletter”, it was discussed that Mexico's leading ufologist, Jaime Maussan, reported that the "Alien Interview" video had been shown to more than two dozen doctors and they all believed the film to be genuine. The doctors said that the kind of heart monitor seen in the video couldn't be faked or rigged. (Source: Link. PDF).

The below is the full segment from the newsletter:

A few years ago, a mysterious man who would only be know as Victor, claimed to have smuggled a revolutionary, and horrifying two minute fifty five second piece of film footage out of AREA 51. It showed a small, sad, sickly alien in a dark room at the end of a long table, being held behind a sheet of glass in a bio-containment cage.

Victor said that this Alien was being kept on Level 5 at the now famous S-4 facility adjacent to Area 51, which lies about 130 miles north of Las Vegas.

In shadow in the foreground, we can see two men, who Victor claims were an “Int.Com” or Intuitive Communicator and a military officer. The IntCom was trained to attempt to communicate telepathically with the Alien, and had been involved in many hours of these interrogations with only moderate success.

In what Victor said was this final secession, the Alien begins to go into spasms, is very distressed and starts to cough up a light red foam. Visible in the lower right hand corner of the frame is a cardiac monitor with a light green blip, that is measuring the being’s vital signs.

When the attack begins, the officer presses an intercom and calls for the medical team to get in there STAT, that the Alien was having a problem. It takes them almost a full minute to respond. When they enter the picture, they use a flashlight to check the eyes, mouth and ears of the being for blood and mucous and to make sure it’s airway is not blocked.

And then it ends.

This is the kind of tape that drives investigators crazy. Here we have a witness who smuggled out the footage, who would not come forward because he was legitimately afraid for his life. He was interviewed in shadow and in disguise with his voice masked. Any picture or video is only as good as the eyewitness, and we had a man we could not check out, but who knew things about Area 51 and S-4 that only someone who had lived and worked there could have known. Art Bell and I even interviewed him on the air for over 3 hours, and couldn’t punch any holes in his story.

With most footage of actual UFOs, computer analysis can be used to determine height, width and breadth. Parallax photography can also be used to determine distance and size. We can do spectrum analysis of the quality of light and shadow. We can now tell you that you really are looking at an object that is so many meters across, and not just a pie-plate flying at 30,000 feet.

But what do you do with an ACTUAL ALIEN sitting at a table in a darkened room. Is it a puppet? All done with strings? Special effects guys having us on? It is the kind of thing that has guys like Stanton Friedman, the Grand PooBah of M.U.F.O.N. (which stands for “Morons Ultimately Finding Out NOTHING!) “Harrumphing” all the way to the bank, even though he has done absolutely NO RESEARCH into the case, and never spoken to Victor, which is pretty typical.

There was one key element. A clue which all of us had totally over looked, except Mexican journalist and investigator Jamie Mausson. Jamie is the Mike Wallace of Mexico, where he, for many years, was the host of the Mexican version of “60 Minutes” which is seen in every country in the Spanish speaking world.

Jamie and I had a chance to sit down at dinner and talk about the key element at length, while we were both speakers at the UFO WORLD CONGRESS in Laughlin, Nevada last March.

What we had all missed was the read out on the cardiac exopulminary machine monitoring the beings heart rate and vital signs.

“I have now shown this piece of film to over 2 dozen doctors,” Jamie said with his rolling Spanish accent. “I have tried to seek out heart specialists where ever I can find them, and every one of them believes this film to be absolutely genuine.”

He leaned forward and continued excitedly.

“You have to imagine that if this is a fake, then whoever is working the puppet, must also be working that machine with expert precision, because every motion, every cough, every expression of pain and distress on that creatures face and in the alien’s body is mirrored perfectly by that monitor.”

Another thing he said the doctors pointed out was that the monitor did not have a regular “Lub-Dub” double ventricle signature, but only a single pulse. This correlates with not only Victor’s statement, but others going back years who claim to have experience with these beings that they have a very simplistic pulmonary system which consists of a single a single heart/lung sack. It is also why colonies of bacteria build up in their lungs so easily.

“The doctors told me that machines of that kind cannot be faked or rigged.” Jamie went on.” And even if this one was, the operator of the machine and the puppeteer would have to be in totally perfect sync. These doctors said that the only possibility was that the machine in the video was hooked up to a man having a heart attack in another room, or that it is really hooked up to a being in distress with a single ventricled heart.”

This is just one more piece of observational evidence that supports a revolutionary, groundbreaking piece of footage that I have believed is very real all along.

In June 2008 Victor contacted Rocket Pictures and did another interview (part 1 and 2 of 2, and can be seen in 1 full upload here) with Jeff Broadstreet, and an additional cameraman. This exclusive June 2008 interview is included as an extra on the 2008 Special Edition of the "Alien Interview" documentary.

In late 2008 a digitally remastered Special Edition DVD of the "Area 51: Alien Interview" documentary was released. This edition featured as extras the April 14th 1997 Strange Universe episode in full, the May 23rd 1997 Coast to Coast AM live interview broadcast with Victor in full, and the June 2008 exclusive interview with Victor 11 years after his first surfacing. It is copyright 1997, 2008 Vega 7 Entertainment, and released by Seminal Films and Vega 7 Entertainment.
* Official Area 51: The Alien Interview website. information regarding the registrar of the official DVD site (Mr. Coleman, where it has a contact email address.).

Available from Amazon UK here,  Amazon US here, and here.

Victor Nevada (Semi-Unmasked)
[Video Still From The Video "Victor Nevada Unmasked"
- Filmed For Three Of The World's Leading UFO Experts]
{July, 2014}

On October 11th 2013, a Youtube channel was setup called TheAlienInterview, by London based UFO enthusiast Andrew Burlington, who goes by the pseudonym, "Victor Nevada", to take an "in-depth look at clues surrounding the mystery" which focuses on video analysis of the footage. He also hosts a Facebook page and a personal Facebook page. See also this article.

On Thursday May 22nd 2014, almost 17 years to the day after "Victor's" appearance on "Coast to Coast AM" with Art Bell, a 2-hour radio show called "Strange Universe" hosted by ufologist Sean David Morton was devoted to "The Alien Interview Channel" (mentioned above). Sean David Morton explained the history of the "Alien Interview" video to his listeners and talked about his involvement in bringing out the original 1997 documentary "Area 51: The Alien Interview". Audio clips from "The Alien Interview Channel" were played throughout the show. The topic continued into Friday's show (the 17th anniversary of "Victor's" historic Art Bell interview). (Source: Link). 

On March 18th 2015, details of this footage and this website link was shared on the national UK based Daily Mail newspaper community forum. To view this thread click here. It has so far had 981 views in 24 hours.


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DVD – Feb 2001 - A free copy of the "Area 51 - Alien Interview" DVD, with new artwork, was included with the February, 2001 issue of UK computer magazine "PC Pro". - "PC Pro" Magazine Cover DVD (February, 2001)

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