Saturday, 16 March 2013

Thoughts On Attachment And The Seeking Of Truth From Within

"Attachment to this life and its material distractions is like an infected splinter that is never treated. Once it takes hold, and if no treatment is sought, their is severe risk of it spreading and a fateful sickness ensuing. And much like the purpose of life, the spiritual journey of the self, and the seeking of the true nature and raison d'être, it can be that this journey of enlightenment and discovery of the self, whose path if not traveled can grow over thick with weed, will sadly never be witness to the first step of the heart seeking, with the hope and goal of realizing, truth in inner beauty, but rather the outer illusion and false self. Seek out the light from the inner darkness, for in the shadows of your own depths can truth be found."

- Nikarev Leshy

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