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(Miguel Serrano) Hitler: 'National Socialism is more than politics.'

In a 1994 interview between Don Miguel Serrano and Kerry Bolton for the latters Flaming Sword newsletter [1], the quarterly membership bulletin of the New Zealand based Black Order, Serrano is quoted as saying: "Hitler said that ‘whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement doesn’t understand anything’." [2]

Abir Taha quotes Hitler as saying, "Do you understand now the profound significance of our National-Socialist movement? Whoever sees in National Socialism nothing but a political movement doesn't know much about it ... It is even more than a religion: it is the will to create mankind anew." [3]

The actual wording of the (alleged) quote by Hitler, in English from the original source, is “Do you now appreciate the depth of our National Socialist movement? Can there be anything greater and more all-comprehending? Those who see in National Socialism nothing more than a political movement know scarcely anything of it. It is more even than a religion: It is the will to create mankind anew.” [4]

The original German is, "Verstehen Sie nun die Tiefe unserer nationalsozialistischen Bewegung? Kann es etwas geben, das größer und umfassender ist. Wer den Nationalsozialismus nur als politische Bewegung versteht, weiß fast nichts von ihm. Er ist mehr noch als Religion: er ist der Wille zur neuen Menschenschöpfung," [5]


1] 1994-95, succeeded by The Nexus: Journal of the Kulturkampf, Realpolitik, Esoterrorism, (1995-). See note 2 regarding Goodrick-Clarke as the source for the above.

2] Source: 'Miguel Serrano, 1994 Interview by Kerry Bolton', Wermod and Wermod Publishing. This is the interview as sent by Bolton to Alex Kurtagić whom owns Wermod and Wermod.
A slightly different unauthorized posting and wording can also be found: "Hitler said, “Whoever thinks that National Socialism is only a political movement does not understand anything.”". Whilst only having slightly different wording, it is not as presented by Bolton who did the interview. This latter source states that the interview they host "was compiled from the original manuscript, as a redaction of two previously published interviews in ANTIDOTO in Greece and THE FLAMING SWORD in New Zealand." 
Further, the late Prof. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke in his book Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity, New York University Press, 2002. Notes to Chapter 9, note 67, p. 338, gives a number of interview sources with Serrano in 1994 as "Miguel Serrano ITO ANTIΔOTO," TO ANTIΔOTO, No. 29, pp. 23-31. The TO ANTIΔOTO interview was reprinted in The Flaming Sword (Wellington, New Zealand), No. 3 (August 1994), pp. 5-9. A further interview has been published as "Miguel Serrano: 'Esoteric Hitlerist,'" The Flaming Sword, No. 4 (November 1994), pp. 4–8, and No. 5 (February 1995), pp. 4–10 . The latter interview was reprinted as a booklet in 1995." This is the interview between Serrano and Bolton, and that was sent to Kurtagić. Bolton only ever did one interview with Serrano (personal email with Bolton).

3] Taha, Abir; Nietzsche, Prophet of Nazism: The Cult of the Superman - Unveiling the Nazi Secret Doctrine, AuthorHouse, 2005, p. 13. The source Taha gives is Suster, Gerald; Hitler Black Magician (London: Skoob Books Ltd, 1996), pp.105, 159. Although, this book was originally published in hardback in 1986 as Hitler: The Occult Messiah, St. Martin's Press, 1981, and I believe the quote is on pages 100, 107 as commented here.

4] The original source of the quote in English as officially translated from its original German: Rauschning, Hermann; Voice of Destruction, Ch. XVII The Human Solstice, G.P. Putnam's Sons (US), 1940. Pelican Publishing Company, Gretna, 2003. p246. Published in the UK as Hitler Speaks: A Series of Political Conversations with Adolf Hitler on his Real Aims, Thornton Butterworth, 1940. Original Germany publication, Gespräche mit Hitler (Conversations with Hitler), Zürich, 1940.)

5] The original source of the quote in its original German: Rauschning, Hermann; Gespräche mit Hitler (Zürich, Wien, New York: 1940). Text from the Europa Verlag edition of Gespräche mit Hitler, 2005, p. 232 (mit dem Schlusskapitel "Hitler Privat".

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