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Knowledge: A Perspective

Knowledge: A Perspective
from the 'An Occasional Comment' series
by Nikarev Leshy, May 20th 2011

Knowledge is fundamental to life's journey. It is a key factor to understanding where you are from, what you are doing, and to where you are heading. Without knowledge, you are but a piece of aimless driftwood, endlessly travelling upon someone else's current – without direction, without focus and without guidance, and ultimately, without purpose nor hope.

I have always said that, regardless of what you may or may not believe, nor how strong you hold on to whatever convictions you might have, it is an eternal truth that to hold a valid, intelligent, and educated opinion on any subject or matter, and to make any decision based on such, you need to always, and regardless of consequence, look at both sides of the story. Equally important is that you delve into any issue of debate or interest with an open and unbiased mind. This is, I am afraid, the only way to truly hold an informed and edified sentiment in any area, that is reasoned, rational and sophisticated and equally impartial, non partisan and realistically fair. Without such you can never hope to be taken seriously, by others, nor importantly I might add, by yourself. To have any hope of holding a educated opinion you need to listen to both sides of the story and then, and only then, can you truly decide for yourself on your stance in such a way as laid out above.

No matter one's wealth of knowledge, be that in the socio-political and economic sciences or philosophical arena of abstract thought, esoteric mysticism, Ariosophy and elitist intellectualism, or in actuality any field whatsoever; and irrespective of ones creativity or acquaintance, nor for that matter how versed one thinks they are in regard to their perceived ideological Weltanschauung and potential communicative discourse in such matters as a whole, be that from an archaic and antediluvian perspective or of the Zeitgeist, there is always room for more study, for more reflection, and for more contemplation. Indeed, we must rise against the tide of Freudo-Marxist legerdemain and materialistic cerebral slavery. It is our duty, indeed, it is our destiny, to rise above the mechanised masses and controlled and unthinking proletariat, and strive to become that of the Nietzschean Übermensch – to wash away the tsunami of subliminal manipulation and oppression and overt politically correct way of thinking and thus, it is hoped, to enter the golden halls of enlightenment. So, it is with this spirit that I find myself damned with a Faustian mentality, that personal struggle to achieve a superior intellect, advanced mindset and enhanced cognitive ability – to see, to conquer, and to become.

Without knowledge we are lost, beholden to nothing and to no one, nor I dare say to ourselves. Without knowledge we are but damned to that eternal alleyway of limbo, to hold company with the most wretched of humanity in a state of unknowing and unthinking perpetual existence. For, without knowledge, we simply exist, and know not life and what it truly means to live.

Seek out knowledge wherever you might find it, regardless of when or from whom, but beware to undertake a journey into the unknown and unpopular, remembering staunchly to seek an alternative perspective forever and always, for it must be said that truth, no matter whom it may offend, should never fear investigation. Nor so, does it need any laws to uphold it as such.

I say unto you, the reader, to immerse yourself in life - to immerse yourself in thought, reflection, contemplation and, it is to be hoped, understanding and enlightenment. Without such, you cannot hope to rise above mere existence, to that of unadulterated life on a higher and grander plain.

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