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The Queste Symbol

Queste (also known as the Questenbaum (Queste Tree)), an ancient pagan sun wheel, celebrated at the Questenfest in Questenberg.

Original finds: http://forums.skadi.net/showthread.php?t=135691 and http://www.panpagan.com/forum/symbole-alte-schriften/339-springfest-questenberg-engl.html

"Frohen Erntedank" and "Erntedank am Questenbaum"

The Harvest / Spring Questenfest takes place in Questenberg (a small village) and the Queste is located on the Harz (a mountain range in northern Germany) that straddles the border between the states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. I think it is as sacred as the White Horse Stone, Stonehenge, Externsteine · Teutoburg Forest, Trollkyrka and Yrvasnth.


# Questenbaum: this symbol was made of twigs and oak leafs though it is also believed that there was a graphical version of it, according to some sources it represented war, order, and organized society, though a more plausible explanation is that it was originally a fertility symbol that was used during the Spring celebrations; it was probably an alternative version of the Maytree or Maypole, which was raised during this celebrations, the custom of raising a Questenbaum is still practiced in some rural areas of Germany where it is also raised during the Spring celebrations.
This symbol may also have been related to the Suncross.
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You can watch videos of the Questenbaum: 

Is it like the English Maypole?

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QUOTE: I know this has been abused by the Nazi - everything Nazi rubbish! - forget this - I do not care for Nazis! I only want to learn about the real ancient meaning. I say this because the only article I can find on the Queste, Questenfest or Questenbaum is this one by the NPD! But, I do not know what this all means:
Das Questenfest: http://npd-goettingen.de/Weltanschauung/Questenfest.html

Its in my opinion a sunwheel on top of yggdrassil

i agree pretty much with bodvos. first the wheel ist a symbol for the sunwheel, the light and the warmth. in german mythology a female aspect. sunna, "die sonne" is female in german.

a pole of oak is a male aspect for strength and male energy.

both together stand for a union of male and female energy. just as the maypole to me it looks like a fertility symbol. first of may and the time of harvest are both classical times for fertility rites. but different from first of may, harvest ist darker not only connectet with light and love, but also with death.

in wicca i would associate it with lughnasad. especially the first poem (ein heiliger ort) hints in this direction.

greetings melian

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