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Odinism & Rodnovery and the Importance of the Fylfot (Swastika)


Before You Assume, Learn The Facts
Before You Judge, Understand Why
Before You Hurt Someone, Feel
Before You Speak, Think

"If we cannot save the world from its curse, at least we can present it with symbols that will direct it to deep insight and the possibility of salvation" - Richard Wagner (source)

Absurd - Asgardsrei,
(Remixed & Remastered, 2012).

“Symbols are a language that can help us understand our past. As the saying goes a symbol says a thousand words...but which words? Understanding our past determines actively...our ability to understand the present, So how do we sift truth from belief? , How do we write our own histories, personally or culturally... and thereby define ourselves? , How do we penetrate years, centuries, of historical distortion...to find original truth?” - Robert Langdon, The Da Vinci Code 

When most people think of the Swastika (Fylfot, Fyrfos) their initial thought is it's appropriation by the Third Reich under the National Socialists. This blip in history has severely tainted the beautiful image and meaning of this most sacred of symbols.
The more thinking people think of Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism and Amerindian spirituality.

And, whilst this is true, few are aware in the wider world of its usage, significance and utmost importance (in a completely not racist context) to European people in regard to their Native Faiths of Europe - namely, Druidism, Odinism (Asatru) and Rodnovery (Родноверие), where it plays a role of significant importance in these respective indigenous spiritualities.

Thors Hammer
The following five articles deal with explaining the importance of the Fylfot within Odinism, the natural indigenous pre-Christian religion of Northern Europe.

It is NOT a Nazi symbol - It is SO much more!  

The use of it by the National Socialists was a blip in the history of this symbol, and in the grand scheme of things, rather insignificant.

Linked below are pages from Wikipedia to explain the history of the symbol and how simply linking it to Nazism is beyond ignorant.

This symbol should be judged in the context it which it is used and not ignorantly assuming it is Nazi related.Within Odinism and Rodnovery, both the left and right facing Swastikas are generally used interchangeably. The significance of the direction of the Swastika is dependent on the individual and/or the group using it, but it also must be noted that their may be no significance whatsoever in the direction, just personal preference.

Examples of this sacred symbol can be found all over the world, many being hundreds of thousands of years old. A significant number can be found in Britain alone which are thousands of years old (see image links marked below) 

Germanic pagan Edda.
Printed in Stockholm, 1877.
This symbol has been used by many cultures all over the globe, far long before it was appropriated by the NSDAP for that insignificant blip of time that they existed, in the grand scale of things of course. Tibetans, Buddhists, Shinto's, Amerindians, etc all proclaim this symbol to be sacred. 

British Churches also use it! (again, see the image links marked below). 

In India it is displayed all over the place. Equally, it is also displayed all over the place openly in Slavic nations today because of what it represents to their pagan religion. 

I hope you find the below interesting and educational. 

This symbol isn't only sacred to Hindus, Shinto's, Jainists, or Amerindians, as you always here, it is also very important to Odinists, Druids and Rodnovers alike.

Their are many more pictures below relating to its use in Churches, Pre-Christianity, and modern usage.

British Druid
Veleslav - within Slavic Rodnovery

Temple at Slavic Rodnovery festival

Midsummer Wreath within Odinism


The Swastika: SymbolBeyond Redemption by Stephen Heller – Feb 2008


On October 24 2014 BBC Radio 4 produced a documentary on the Swastika: BBC article, BBC radio page, mp3,

The 1974 documentary on the Swastika here: video

There is also a new documentary coming out about this called My Swastika that wants to reclaim it. Apparently, will also focus on Odinism and Rodnovery as the importance of it can be seen in these photos from the Kupala festival of Rodnovery Native Faith.

If the below youtube video does not work please click here.

I do hope that this production will not only focus on Buddhism, Hinduism, and Native Americanism, etc, but also on the importance and magnitude of the symbol to Odinists (Germanic Neopaganism) and Rodnovers (Slavic Neopaganism) where is plays a massive and central role. This is an ancient symbol of heathenism in pre-christian Europe and is overwhelmingly used by us in a positive and open way. I hope they do look into this and not just the usual cultures.

Below youtube video direct link here.
This video is meant to educate the public as to the sacred qualities of the Fylfot or Swastika. We must reclaim our holy symbols and try to undo the damage done by those who would pervert Germanic and European culture.


For a small selection if images and information on Pre-Christian Fylfots within the British Isles see here.

For some images and information of Fylfots found within British Churches and Cathedrals see here.

For British use of the Fylfot in the early 20th century see here.

POEM: Glory of Sacral Fylfot Rising


Jyrinah Swastika, Odinism
Msciwoj Słowianin and Joanna Gacparska (Joanna Żywia)
(whom features in the above mentioned documentary)

pictured here at Jare Gody 2012 
'Słowiańska Wiara', Slęża Mountain (Poland)
Ms. Gacparska - (interview) pagan priestess of 'Zachodniosłowiańskiego Związku Wyznaniowego' - Słowiańska Wiara (Zachodniosłowiańskiego Religious Alliance - Slavic Faith).
 See Mr. Słowianin's clothing in the above picture.
Joanna Gacparska  (Joanna Żywia) (interview) pagan priestess of 'Zachodniosłowiańskiego Związku Wyznaniowego' - Słowiańska Wiara (Zachodniosłowiańskiego Religious Alliance - Slavic Faith).
See features in the above mentioned documentary.

Pictured here wearing the Tursaansydän.


The Importance of the Swastika and Kolovrat in Rodnovery here in Russian (English translation), here in Russian (English translation) and here in Russian.

Click to enlarge to see Thor's belt buckle.

'Thor's Battle Against the Jötnar' (1872)
by Mårten Eskil Winge.

Also, A perfect large image of this can be found here:
from the Wikipedia Thor article:
Rafał Merski of Watra
"Swastika and Kolovrat it's the same, the only difference it's that Kolovrat it's the symbol for Slavic Faith (Rodnovery) Swastika is for the Sun (Dazbog or Swarog) it's THE symbol of the Sun. You see Kolovrat too, but we can see it like THE symbol of our faith (like mjolnir it's symbol of Thor but it's the symbol for many Asatru People). But Kolovrat is too for The Sun and For Slavic Gods like Swarog and his Son Dazbog but it's the time too! you know the circle of the life, the wheel turning... you see what I mean?swarzyca is too a symbol of the Sun and Fire like the three other!!! and great symbol for Rodnover. They bring chance! they are sacred for us and it's symbols of Gods so they bring us chance and protection!!!"

Kolovrat (Коловрат)

The kolovrat [spinning wheel] represents the Sun and is a symbol of the god Svarog. It represents strength, dignity, sun and fire. It is a symbol of secular as well as spiritual power. "Kolo" means wheel, and its "vrat" [spokes] are turning. The kolovrat represents the endless cycle of birth and deaths. [Each turn of] the wheel is a cycle of life in our world. (translated from the below image)

This website, as well as many others to my knowledge, have been asked to re-post this message below:

I think excellent websites such as this one, proswastika.org, reclaimtheswastika.com, and swastika-info.com should also state that this symbol is also sacred to Europeans in an ancient faith context. In western europ it is the most sacred symbol within Odinism, and in the East is the most sacred symbol within Rodnovery. But, these websites only ever mention Jainism, Hinduism, etc. I would appreciate it if they also mentioned Odinism and Rodnovery. The following website gives a lot of information on the importance of the Fylfot/Swastika within Odinism: http://nikarevleshy.blogspot.com/2011/07/odinism-and-importance-of-fylfot.html and also this facebook page. There is also a new documentary coming out about this called My Swastika that wants to reclaim it. It is called My Swastika and will also focus on Odinism and Rodnovery and the importance of it can be seen in these photos from the Kupala festival of Rodnovery Native Faith.

Alemannic or Bavarian brooches (Zierscheiben) incorporating a swastika symbol at the center with a varying number of rays.
left image: Bavarian (Bronze-Zierscheiben bajuwarisch), http://www.museum-haag.de/museum/geschos1.htm (Haag museum) or http://www.museum-haag.de/das-museum/rundgang-durchs-museum/erstes-stockwerk alternative link at Haag;
right image: Bronze zierscheiben, 6th to 8th century AD, from Fützen (Blumberg), http://www.jadu.de/mittelalter/germanen/gk/pages/zierscheiben_jpg.htm (Jadu article).

Alemannic brooches with designs reminiscent of the Wewelsburg symbol.
Left image: decorative brooch found in Inzing, Innsbruck-Land, dated to ca. AD 400,
 from Hermann Wirth, ‘’ ‘Die heilige Urschrift der Menschheit’ ‘’, Leipzig 1936, 
BD. II, Bilderatlas, Tafel 42 (at the time kept in the StaatlMuseen Berlin.) 
Right image: Migration age Alemannic decorative brooch, from Hans-Joachim Diesner, 
‘’ ‘Die Völkerwanderung’ ‘’, Gütersloh 1980, used on the title cover of a 1982 Artgemeinschaft.

Additional references: http://www.derhain.de/SchwarzeSonne.html
and http://www.artfond.de/schwarzesonne.htm

For more information please see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Black_Sun_(occult_symbol)&diff=265068682&oldid=264733051#Historical_background

Bavaria, Germany 7th century (Book: Frühgeschichte Bayerns; Wilfried Menghin; 1990.) Sluneční symboly, 7. století.



Alexander (Rodoslav) of Russian pagan folk band Krynitza (Крыница)
Taken from this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XB31dV8FZog
which is the song "Снова Солнце Заревом Поднимается" which
translates as "The Glow of the Sun Rises Again"

Veleslav, from the documentary
"Купала (Kupala) - Возвращение к традиции (Return to Tradition)"
from 2006.
Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWBXysz3WEk

Odinist blot.

Odinit Blot


Another image of Rodoslav from the band Krynitza.



  1. Beautiful blog! So much wonderful information here - thank you so much for posting this!

  2. Hello !
    I have a question, Inrodnovery, Are people pretty "racist" on gay etc..
    Because I see a lot of videos on this subject the people Rodnoverie practitioners.
    Thank you in advance.

    1. No more than any other faith, but that is the individual, not Odinism or Rodnovery itself.

  3. I value your effort to shed light on the western ignorance over the swastika, but these banners saying 'heritage not hate' are very annoying, pff we don't have to explain anything, we don't have to apologize or give any explanation on why we're wearing a sacred symbol of our culture, the swastika is the oldest known aryan symbol, it appears in all indo-european cultures and religions, today the aryan tribes in the middle east like the kalash people of pakistan and the kurds of afghanistan still use swastikas in their religious rituals, for example the art on this kalash door frame looks a lot with slavic pagan art http://www.flickr.com/groups/kalashapeople/pool/79811798@N03/?view=lg both the original polytheistic aryan pagan religions like asatru, rodnovery, brahmanism, and the variations like buddhism and zoroastrianism, I've seen some guy saying that he doesn't understand how someone can wear a symbol responsible for the genocide of his people, well if we follow this logic, the star of david should have been banned millenia ago, how many people died under this symbol? go ask the palestinians what they think of this symbol, just because someone made something bad wearing some symbol it doesn't mean that the symbol is bad, everyone know this, this is common sense we don't have to keep explaining the history of the swastika all the time, to everyone passing by in the streets, how many attempts of genocides, ethnic cleansings and wars have happened and are happening in the world? this always existed in all cultures, the jews aren't saints on this subject to talk about the swastika, I say if some people don't like us this is their problem, I'm not going to stop wearing a sacred symbol of my culture just because someone is offended, if there's any genocide happening today it's against the aryans, the aryan tribes in the middle east being islamized by force, like the poor nuristanis of kafiristan, and killed en masse like the kurds, being opressed like europeans were christianized by force, here in the western world it's worse because, there's all this moral terrorism toward us that we need sites like yours to explain to the world why we aren't wrong in existing, it appears that we can't celebrate our culture and heritage, and we should be ashamed of being whites, otherwise we are evil nazis. these people who claim that the swastika is a hate symbol aren't even worth my time. it seems that people are uncomfortable even with the fact of we being around, showing pride of who we are then... if people hate whites just for the fact of we existing maybe they're the 'racists'

  4. And concerning the nazis, well aryans aren't nazis (I'm not nazi for wearing a swastika) but the nazis were aryans, as germans they were part of a branch of the Indo-European ethno-linguistic group, and as so they had all the right to use swastikas, however nazism was nothing but a political movement in a certain part of the world in a certain time in history, they didn't made the swastika, it wasn't invented by them, so of course it's not a nazi symbol, and it's completely stupid to affirm that it is, furthermore the association of the nazis with racism, and therefore people who use swastikas as racists, is very stupid and I'll explain why, I often hear from people that the nazis wanted to exterminate all the "lesser races" and leave only the aryan race in the world, or that they preached that the aryan race is the superior race, well if that were true the nazis wouldn't have made alliances with many asian peoples, the wehrmacht itself was a pluralistic army, its unities in africa had african soldiers, in asia had asian soldiers, people from various countries joined the germans, race was the lesser of the reasons of the ww2 it was a war of politics, yes the nazis cared about race, they recognized the Indo-Europeans as a distinct ethnic group, the existence of the aryan race, who has the right to a land of it's own, what they wanted was to guarantee the european homeland for the aryans, they believed that the jews were using the aryans for their zionist schemes, that's why they invaded russia, they believed the jews were using bolshevism to exploit the russians and later the rest of europe, the nazis didn't persecute the jews just because they were jewish but because they believed that they were enemies of the aryans, it wasn't because of their race but because of what the nazis believed they were doing, yes the nazis commited many horrible mistakes but also everything they did for the germanic people, and the aryan people in general was wonderful, look up om the internet how the germans helped people where they passed, in nepal, middle east, they recovered the true essence of the ancient germanic peoples with their socialism and
    'welfare state' type of govenrment, and most importantly they recovered the original germanic pagan faith which was seen as nothing but barbaric in europe, they recovered many germanic concepts like the nine noble virtues, the aryan peoples always cared about race, the anglo saxons called the native celts 'wealh' which means foreigner, and intermarriage with them was prohibited by law, opposing race mixing has always been part of the aryan cultures, obviously, after all if the white race still exists it's not thanks to race mixing, the caste system in India for example, it doesn't make a person evil, it's not hate if someone wants to preserve their race, this thing of racism always existed in all over the world, have you seen how some rabbis referred to gentiles in the talmud? or how the epyptians treated their slaves? no more than animals, the anglo saxons called the britons shameful persons and said they were weak and inferior

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  13. Thanks for the Knowledge. If we could only get the sheep to listen.

  14. The irony of being an anti-racist and then posting a Richard Wagner quote, a man who was greatly racist and hated Jews - writing a book about how corrosive and degenerate they were.

    You do not understand the Nazis I see, by how this article is composed. Maybe you should look at the Nazis with a different lens? Do you know that they were promoting ancient Aryan practices? You can see this bleed over into all aspects of the Third Reich with the terminology and symbols they used. They wanted to rid Germany and Europe of foreign and disruptive elements and make Europe whole again. There is no wrong committed by Germany by using the runes and the Swistiha - in fact, it is extremely appropriate given the scope and tasks the Reich sought to carry out.