Saturday, 16 July 2011

Glory of Sacral Fylfot Rising

Glory of Sacral Fylfot Rising

Your rays of light descend upon this land
Gleaming as once in ancient times past
Bringing forth warmth and might as one
We hail the coming dawn of the rising sun

Spinning wheel of the cycles of life
Powerful symbol of glory and strife
In the eye of the High One and Hammer we see
Protection, blessings and solstice are thee

Whirling sunwheel of celestial Ur
Greatness in life and magisterial death
We honour the Ond held deep within
And rebirth of our kith and kin

Flaming cross at equinox we raise
In tribute to your almighty gaze
Axis of Yggdrasil rotating the all
In lightness and dark your power doth enthral

Generating order and chaos you bring
Seasonal change down on the wind
Pride and purity you do instil
Bearer of Rita, might is your will

Elemental forces and primordial flare
Rotating, radiance and splendour thou bare
Sacral Fylfot rising in wonder so high
Almighty symbol bright in darkened sky

Copyright  © 2261 RE Nikarev Leshy

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