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Race Differences, Intelligence & Diversity


I see you as an intelligent being, one that can look beyond the torrent of lies and false propaganda. I see you as one that will look at both sides of a stroy before you make up your own mind. Indeed, only once you have seen both sides can you develop an unbiased, educated and intelligent opinion on anything. You are intellegient and for this reason I ask you to read and review the following:

Firstly, please read this following intellectually elitist article. I link this first before the shorter documentaries and articles as I am sure this will siphon off those with limited intellect. This article is for those with the acumen able to digest it unbiasedly. This in-depth article is for those with a real interest and can see beyond the politically correct liberal establishment lie machine.

However, that article is a masterpiece, but you may wish to watch the short documentary 'A Conversation About Race' which can be found here and below, but I also urge you to also read this article relating to it here.

'A Conversation About Race' documentary.

 And also read Representative Dr. David Ernest Duke, Ph.D.'s article about this documentary here.

Then, you might watch to listen to a radio interview with the documentart film maker, Craig Bodeker:

Once you have achieved this and are still interested, watch Dr. Duke's video 'Race Is More Than Skin Colour':

Then, watch his 3 part 'Race and Reality: Breaking the Taboo': 
After watching these please read the article 'More of . . . A Conversation About Race A Film by Craig Bodeker'.

Jarad Taylor: Race Differences and Intelligence.

Now listen to the radio interviews with Dr. Richard Lynn, Part 1 of 2 and Part 2 of 2 on the VoR Radio network, an interview on the Political Cesspool radio program, an interview on the Occidental Quarterly, an interview he did for Alex Kurtagic, (also here), an interview on
Dr. Richard Lynn - IQ and The Global Bell Curve

On Human Diversity: The Global Bell Curve - Updates and Critical Replies

Once you have read, watched and reflected on all of the above, contact me if you wish. Or, better still, if you have any questions, contact the authors and documentary film makers directly!

This is a fascinating radio interview with one of the scientific program heads of the United Nations Bio-Diversity Convention. Many aspects of bio-diversity are covered in this interview as well as the need to preserve Human diversity. Dr. Duke also brings up the need to combat the efforts of the greedy and rapacious Globalists who are leading Humanity and the rest of the living world to catastrophe. Details here.

Then also listen to this radio interview: Dr. David Duke Interview with Biologist Gary Johns: The DNA of Human Diversity! Science of Genetic Human Diversity with Gary John

 And regarding this, left, Professor Richard Lynn, amongst others, have said this for years, but also that Jews and the Chinese are more intelligent than Whites. I really don't see the big deal, and as for "Fury", well, was that expressed by the anti-white Politically Correct liberal Zio-Stasi media as an outrage when Lynn has continuously said what he has about Jews and the Chinese being more intelligent than Whites? I don't recall that headline blazing across the front pages of the western world.
 Here is the article. 

Dr. Duke and Dr. Thring of UK discuss a wide range of topics including new scientific evidence showing the deep genetic divisions that explain the wonderful diversity and variation of mankind. The latest evidence shows a complete separation of the evolution toward modern Africans and modern Europeans and Asians.


Dr. Duke and Gary John in China go deep into the biological aspects of human diversity and how some kinds of human immigration is similar to the the problems caused by introducing animals from one ecosystem to another.


Dr. Duke converses with the head of the UN BioDiversity Scientific program Dr. David Cooper!


Science of Genetic Human Diversity with Gary John


David Duke exposes real racism and how the media promoted concept of diversity is actual destructive of human diversity, freedom and independence.


BELOW New Radio Broadcast: June 5, 2013 - Dr. Duke does a fascinating show on the origin of races and ethnic groups within races and how these are creations of geographic separations and different environmental challenges that result in the adoption of certain physical and psychological tendencies.

Please also see the article and radio interviews on the 'We All Come From Africa?' page.

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