Thursday, 2 April 2009

Shuyngj Way: The Road To Hel

- Narwa -
Symbol of the Shuyngj Way
and Dark Mother Hela

Vision of Nikarev Leshy Sanghrajkara

Extracts from
'Shuyngj Way: The Road To Hel'
The Left Hand Path within Odinism

by Nikarev Leshy

* Blood on the Path (The Sacred Stream)
* What is the Road to Hel?
* The Paths of Left and Right within Odinism
* Light in the Darkness on the Path
* Hela: Dark Mother/Goddess

Dark Mother Hela, carved idol by Zayats (Russia) for N. Leshy

Dark Mother Hela (carved by Zayata),
Allfather Odin (carved by Andrey Forest),
and symbols and tools of liberation on the Path

Shuyngj Way Odinism, Shropshire, 17.VIII.14

Shuyny Way

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